Main News of Previous Ultima Week!

2 August 2023

Safe and convenient: download SMART WALLET from Google Play and become a cryptocurrency pro

A unique multifunctional crypto wallet in the Smart Blockchain network is already available for download on Google Play

Smart Wallet is both secure and easy to use. No additional costs are required from you!

Download SMART WALLET right now and get started with a tech solution that will make your entry into the world of digital assets easier and safer:

DOWNLOAD SMART WALLET https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smartblockchain.wallet

Discover the ULTIMA Farming Licenses + Card packages with a gift Ultima Card

We are pleased to present the new ULTIMA Farming Licenses + Card packages! Now, when you activate your licenses, you will receive a branded Ultima Crypto Debit Card completely free of charge!

It’s time to activate ULTIMA Farming Licenses + Card and enjoy all the benefits of blockchain technology.


Ultima is a reliable ecosystem for decentralization fans

Decentralization is revolutionizing many sectors of the economy and healthcare, providing security, autonomy and privacy.

The Spanish resource Periodista Digital talks about the main advantages of decentralization in the modern world and uses the Ultima project as an example. Read more here:

Webinars with ULTIMA founder 

Alex Reinhardt, the founder of our ecosystem, is holding a series of webinars this week. At the meetings, the community members will learn the main news of the ecosystem and will ask their questions to the founder!

Check out the current schedule of webinars on our Telegram channels.