Factors driving ULTIMA’s value

27 December 2023

Ultima is a developing ecosystem of blockchain products that simplify interaction with digital assets.

Key factors driving value:

Approaching halving

In February 2024, ULTIMA expects its first halving. This means that only 25.92 tokens from each pool will enter the market, half the previous amount.

Launch of the Ultima Debit Card

The team is actively working to introduce the ecosystem’s crypto card, which will be delivered to over 120 countries worldwide, making life even more convenient for every community member

Restart of cashback programs and shopping vouchers

Soon, the team will present the beloved voucher system, where purchases can earn cashback

UNITY Promo split licenses with an 11x split limit!

Users who didn’t manage to get licenses with a 12x split limit now have the chance to activate licenses containing an 11x split limit. Your split limit determines how much USPLIT you receive, and the more USPLIT, the more rewards in ULTIMA!

The primary goal of ULTIMA’s team is to create unique blockchain products that enhance the lives of every community member.